Steel Industry In India:


We live essentially in an age of iron and steel. “Because of its hardness, strength and durability, because of the ease with which it can be cast and worked into any desired shape and because of its remarkable cheapness under modem methods of production, iron is the most important and widely used metal in the service of man”.Indian Steel Industry is a 400 years old sector. India steel industry is the 10th largest in the world which is evident from its Rs 9,000 crore of capital contribution and employment opportunities to more than 0.5 million people. The liberalization of industrial policy and other initiatives taken by the Government have given a definite impetus for entry, participation and growth of the private sector in the steel industry. While the existing units are being modernized/expanded, a large number of new steel plants have also come up in different parts of the country based on modern, cost effective, state of-the-art technologies.


Jobs in Steel Industry:


Manager Sales ( Iron and Steel ), Steel Fixers, Painter Steel, Steel Mould Fabricator, Insulation Foreman, Thermal Insulation Engineer, Structural Design Engineer, Insulation Technician etc.


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