Chemical Industry In India:


The chemical industry, which includes basic chemicals and its products, petrochemicals, fertilizers, paints & varnishes, gases, soaps, perfumes & toiletries and pharmaceuticals is one of the most diversified of all industrial sectors covering thousands of commercial products. It plays an important role in the overall development of the Indian economy. It contributes about 3 per cent in the GDP of the country.


Chemical industry is one of the oldest industries in India. It not only plays a crucial role in meeting the daily needs of the common man, but which are required in almost all walks of life. Over the last decade, the Indian Chemical industry has evolved from being a basic chemical producer to becoming an innovative industry. With investments in R&D, the industry is registering significant growth in the knowledge sector comprising of specialty chemicals, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals. Indian chemical industry is expected to grow to US$100 billion by 2015.


The chemical and petrochemical sector in India presently constitutes 14 per cent of the industrial domestic activity. It should also be noted that investments in this sector are highly capital intensive with long gestation periods.


Jobs in the Chemical Industry:


Research & Development Manager/Executive, Quality Assurance Manager/Executive, Production manager/Executive, Finance manager, Quality Control Officers, Plant Manager, Factory Incharge, maintenance Head, Territory Business Manager, Territory Sales In-charge, Store & Dispatch Manager,/Executive, Product Manager/Executive, Electrician, Fitter, Plant Operators, boiler operators etc.


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